Lensbaby Velvet Part 2

This is my first try at a Lensbaby Velvet portrait since I just got the lens this past week. And, this was exactly what I had hoped for and expected from the lens and why I bought it. The only post editing I did on this was to use a b&w preset in Lightroom. This gorgeous velvety glow is straight out of the camera and it renders light so softly. What a beautiful lens they have made. I’m excited to master it and I can see me shooting with it pretty much exclusively. All of the {walk in the woods} photos prior to this were shot with it as well.
Copyright © 2019 Nita McGrew Photography



Copyright © 2018 Nita McGrew Photography

I cut my teeth in the early days at Flickr. I remember joining a 365 day project in which I learned so much about photography as well as myself. I made virtual friends and real world friends. It was a very tight knit community of like minds and passionate photographers and artists. I found my tribe. Some years later, Yahoo bought Flickr and it started unraveling pretty quick. I don’t remember exactly when or why I left but as of lately, I’ve been hearing really good things about SmugMug having bought Flickr and the exciting changes to come after the first of the year. I kept my Facebook profile that I recently created, for about three weeks before I realized how much I don’t fit in there and how cranky it literally made me and then I deleted it. Enough. I am hopeful though, that Flickr will find it’s way to becoming that place where photographers and creative types want to be again. In that hopeful mindset, I went ahead and signed up today for an account and moved in a little. I’ve had this website on WordPress for what seems like as long as it’s been since I was on Flickr originally and am hoping some of my friends here are those that I met there and will come back again as well. Here is a link {Flickr} to me over there if you want to connect. I would really like that.