Wild Horses

I recently spent a week in Maryland visiting Assateague Island and the wild ponies that live there. From the AssateagueIsland.com website . . .

Assateague wild ponies have roamed the beaches, pine forest, and salt marsh of Assateague Island since the 1600’s. Assateague Island National Seashore has a combined total of over 300 wild ponies in Maryland and Virginia. Some people believe the horses arrived on Assateague’s shores when a Spanish galleon ship (with a cargo of horses) sank offshore. Others believe the horses arrived by early colonial settlers that allowed them to graze there. A Spanish ship wreck was discovered recently in the waters off Assateague which lends credit to the first theory.

And, while I wasn’t fortunate enough to see them on the beach, I did get to meet them in the forest as well as the marshes and dunes. They are gorgeous, with a sweet and seemingly gentle nature but they are definitely wild, and you can see that in their eyes. It’s not anything I can describe with words; it’s a look and an emotion and a knowing that they are where they belong, and I did not. Still, they were gracious enough to let me be there and be near enough to get a sense of what and where they were. And I am grateful for the experience, and changed forever for it.

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Wading In The Velvet Sea

I took a moment from my day
Wrapped it up in things you say
Mailed it off to your address
You’ll get it pretty soon soon unless

Nita McGrew Photography

The packaging begins to break
and all the points I tried to make
are tossed like thoughts into a bin
as time leaks out, my life leaks in

Nita McGrew Photography

You won’t find moments in a box
and someone else will set your clocks
I took a moment from my day
and wrapped it up in things you say
And mailed it off to you

Nita McGrew Photography

I’ve been wading in the velvet sea
I’ve been wading in the velvet sea
I’ve been wading in the velvet sea
I’ve been wading in the, I’ve been wading in the…
I’ve been wading in the velvet sea

Wading In The Velvet Sea, Phish


#9 Dream

Nita McGrew Photography

Dream, dream away
Magic in the air
Was magic in the air?
I believe, yes I believe
More I cannot say
What more can I say?

Nita McGrew Photography

On a river of sound
Through the mirror go round, round
I thought I could feel
Music touching my soul
Something warm, sudden cold
The spirit dance was unfolding
Ah! Bowakawa, pousse pousse

Nita McGrew Photography

― #9 Dream, John Lennon