This Moment Is Stardust

Nita McGrew Photography

let’s take the long way cause i like the view go by
the shoreline look at the moon
take the long way watch the sunrise listen to the radio all through the night
the rain can’t dampen us drive on through til the sun shines on us dries up the dew
take the long way cause i like the view go by the shoreline look at the moon

savour the silence and stroke my back
sing to me softly of secrets and the stories lost between the cracks
this moment is stardust it has already passed but you are so bright, so bright in my mind and our moonlit mass

Nita McGrew Photography

lookin for love in all the wrong places i guess i got one of those faces, down and out of the window pane leaving the carnegie down on hastings and main, i step out into another bc blizzard, into a yellow cab lizard, the driver’s an old wise somalian wizard, i’m just a young mc potty-mouth i tell him to take the back roads headed south, from the meadow to the ghetto come equipped to the red-light district after performance i did for nickels and cents, he says cr you’re crazy, i said it doesn’t faze me, my love’s not lazy , i’m here to amaze thee, heck you amazed at this? bitch, i got a brew like miles davis, i walked away with that floatin around his head two girls smiling at what i just said, at m low’s after shows you want a hit of this joint he says okay alright brother just leave it in the ashtray, commercial success, sex drive i lick the honey in the hive, and i can tribal feel this love vibe as i look into another country’s tribe, i brush my teeth like kool keith i paint in water colours like georgia o’keefe my graffiti flex kill and that’s keepin it brief, those who got will get even more if you don’t waste you gifts you’ll get another four, be a spirit not a ghost on the west coast, listen to patti smith and as the clouds shift, sun down, big sur, the view is killer by the old homestead of henry miller, don’t worry bout your final destination you’ll get there soon, stare at the stars, they’re the children of the sun and the moon

Nita McGrew Photography

― Po Girl, The Long Way

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