© Faire Un Voeu Photography - All Rights ReservedI’ve removed the blog portion of my WordPress site from my pages and am wondering if I blog ‘blindly’ by simply adding a New Post, if it will still show in the Reader.  My thought is, if you’ve not visited me recently, I’ve redesigned my space here and it’s now more or less reflective of a portfolio of my work. At any rate, I will add new content to these pages but I do not think they will show as updates in the Reader and anyone who has followed my blog, therefore will not get to see new content.  Thus the purpose for this.  So with that said, I’ll publish this little test post and see where it lands if anywhere.  I’m also sending anyone who might in fact get to see this post, an invitation to stop by and have a looksee at my New Year New Me New Look =) and let me know what you think.  We do so love feedback here at WordPress.


8 thoughts on “Blogging

    • It is! And thanks too for confirming. If you look, there isn’t a ‘blog’ link anywhere as I mentioned. I took it off of my site but it’s still an active link so I thought I would still use it if everyone could see it in the Reader. It looks like it’s a good idea afterall. Thanks again so much.

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